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The New World Order forms part of a Jigsaw Puzzle in a Stunning Novel. Interspersed with historical fact and spiritual intrigue, a young man and woman question a New World Order, as the two try to solve a jigsaw puzzle that has spanned centuries. When called upon to pray and sabotage the forces of darkness, these born-again Christians do so most effectively.


Mitch D’Cambre, a final year student at Yale, stumbles on information linking his father, the author of the State of the World report, to the puzzle. Mitch becomes obsessed with finding answers. Tobi Forrester is a British-born Jamaican woman whose life is turned upside down when she joins a spiritual warfare class run by a Nigerian pastor who fled his home after converting to Christianity. As Tobi delves into the origins of the New World Order and the Scriptures, she comes to realize that her father, a high-ranking Freemason, and her brother are also pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

Now a Christian, Tobi’s boldness takes her to the highest levels of government in Washington, where she uses the most effective weapon she has: the Word of God. Can Mitch and Tobi defeat the forces of evil at play?

"Jigsaw will blow your mind. Fantastic story!!! It is serious and thought provoking. I Found it a real eye opener. Recognizing that we need to employ spiritual warfare in our lives and get rid of all the baggages to see the Lord's power at work in our lives.
A must read!

Joanna Brown


"Jigsaw Puzzle was intriguing! It caught my attention and curiosity as the next piece of the story unfolded. It was a good read."

Debbie, Texas, USA

"We are pleased to announce the release of this fascinating novel that sets a new bar in suspense."

Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency

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