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We are told that democracy is important and enables us to have free speech and choose who we want to manage our country and ultimately our lives. What we are not told, although we are not stupid and most of us know, is that what happens in politics is all stage-managed.

Let’s look at a current example.

We are all tired of hearing about Brexit – well that was the plan.

In 2016 when Nigel Farage started pressing for us to leave the EU he managed to sell 51% of the country on the idea without presenting a clear plan of how this would happen.

More of that in a minute!

So when David Cameron, then PM, decided to have a referendum nobody in the Conservative party expected the vote to go in favour of Leave. They did not have a plan B. Therefore it was inevitable that Mr. Cameron would step aside, he realized that the battle to stop it would be vicious and he did not want that on his CV.

So, sitting in the wings was, a very silent, up to this time, Theresa May, whose claim to fame, as Home Secretary was a disgraceful mess of the delay in issuing passports, and an even greater shame, which ended up with the Windrush Scandal. Yet, if you look closer, although she makes big mistakes, which you and I would be immediately fired for, she keeps her job and then, surprise, surprise she is offered the top job in the country.

However, she had to get through a leadership contest first and came up against an able and eloquent Andrea Leadsom. It was amazing how, when the Tory organizers realized that Andrea had a strong following, was holding some ace cards, especially with women and rural voters that if they let it run its natural course, Andrea might win. The problem with that being Andrea is a Brexiteer and was able to speak to the matter with confidence. So now they had a plan and all of a sudden an eloquent, knowledgeable businesswoman became a bumbling woman who started talking about babies and appeared to be assaulting Theresa for not having children. The media went to town reducing her to tears; she bowed out. The coast was clear. She would under Theresa’s leadership become Leader of the House of Commons. A deal obviously agreed before she stood down.

Next, another election. Why Theresa wanted another election when the Conservatives already had a majority, only she knows because she lost that majority and had to make a deal with the DUP. Suddenly, a government that was operating under austerity policies had oodles of money to meet the DUP’s demands. No real surprise there!

So the years go by and, as could be expected, Theresa May and her Cabinet could not come up with an acceptable plan on:

1. How to leave the EU?

2. What the UK would do after we left?

Again no Plan!

The country was sent into turmoil; Nigel Farage had left UKIP vowing not to come back into politics having done his bit - that bit being getting a referendum through. Only to find that going down to the wire before the EU elections he forms another party, The Brexit Party and walks it, with confidence into the EU with a good win. Embarrassed beyond themselves both parties, the Tories and the squabbling Labour still can’t get their act together.

No Plan.

During all of this did anyone notice how the once vocal and egotistic Boris Johnson slowly moved out of the limelight? Leaving his wife of many years, setting up home with his girlfriend, giving up the golden position as Foreign Secretary one wonders why. All was revealed once Theresa May was literally forced out of office and then all of a sudden Boris becomes the front-runner to become PM.

So there was a plan.

All nicely stage-managed with deals being cut, Boris steps aside, keeps his mouth shut, and when the time is right he will be awarded the top job no questions asked. And who is he up against, Jeremy Hunt who made such a mess of our precious NHS and now is sitting pretty as Foreign Secretary. No doubt the necessary deal was cut for him too. The secret is to bide your time, follow the rules, don’t rock the boat and then you will get what you want, forget about the people who put you there.

Well, that is not good enough. We are told to cast our democratic vote on who leads the country and how. If they cannot do so without being self-seeking, dishonest and uncaring we don’t want any of them. There is no rule that says it has to be a Tory or Labour or Lib Dem government. A Brexit party might get us Brexit but have no plans for life after Brexit.

Now is the time to set up a party with representation in all 650 seats and give the Establishment a run for their money and win.

What is needed is a party that believes that British people should have jobs, a roof over their heads, and an efficient, practical health service, front line services where the people on the front-line are paid good money for the service they offer and not the pen pushers in the big offices, case in point, the NHS and the Education system. It needs to be a party lead by people who understands that politics should not run the UK but real people for real people.

But all of this is for another blog!

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